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Advancement of Wireless Technology In ERP Software

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The technology used in wireless system is entirely dependent on internet and it requires a web server and a relational database. The database is hosted with an internet connection and user end is a web browser. The menu items can be linked using Perl CGI, embedded HTML, PHP, ASP, JavaScript etc and AJAX is used to get user feedback and to make the application user friendly.

Open source is the latest trend in ERP, in which, the solution can be used directly without paying for the license fees, hardware charges, software and implementation cost. Open source is web enabled system which can carry out operations online from any part of the world.

Many global organizations have opened branches in various parts of the world and to enable easy functioning of remote business units, it is important for an organization to use wireless technology, which has helped organizations to carry out effortless and fast communications. The cost on communication is also reduced by the use of new technology and data can be updated on time which prevents delays.

The data servers of organizations headquartered in various parts of the world can easily get connected using wireless technology and the security to data is provided through the layers of encryption and SSL.

Role of wireless technology in ERP for improving sales and production

1. Many companies use wireless technology in ERP to get updated data. The wi-fi internet connections can be used by the production units to manage production units and sales.

2. A production unit can get every minute updated data of the stock, the production status and the shipping information.

3. Sales force can use the technology to get in contact with the customers, partners and production units.

4. Distribution companies can work 24/7 to deliver the fast work.

5. Every minute website updating can be done without the involvement of human effort and this prevents wastage.

6. The machine itself can send acknowledgement and promotional messages to the customers which improves customer satisfaction and market reliability.

Drawbacks of wireless

1. Security of data is the main issue .Most of the organizations working on wireless technology work on real data and the updating data through wireless technology is not safe. Wireless technology uses public domains and therefore, critical data passes through public domains before updating. The companies may lose much valuable data in risky transactions and it poses a high threat to security. Data that is passed through public domain can be intercepted, interdicted and it can be used to trigger security attacks.

2. The second problem with wireless technology is the message persistency. The frequency rate of sending data and receiving data should be persistent to get the real benefit. Persistency affects the reliability and speed of transaction.

3. The data which is transferred through SMS system is passed to one or more mobile operators. To deliver the message directly a SMS - C access is required - which is not possessed by many operators. For SMS messages the provider cannot get an acknowledgement and therefore it is not considered very reliable.

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